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Digital Healing 2/2

December 21, 2011/0/0/

“I’m actually still playing Sons of Liberty (the sequel to MGS on the Playstation 2), and am stuck on the part where you have to defeat that army of huge serpentine robots called Rays.” “Easy. Just use chaffs to scramble their radars, stay in the corners, and wait until their mouths open to attack – […]

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Digital Healing 1/2

December 14, 2011/0/0/

Bahamut translated means Dragon King. He was a 24-year-old who had been admitted to my service the night before. On checkout rounds I remember being impressed by the sheer multitude of pathologies that were at play in this young man’s body. The primary ailment was lymphoma – a cancer of one of the lymphatic cells […]

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CCGamers Games for Troops Drive

May 7, 2010/0/0/

Dan Alpers, over at CCGamers, brought to our attention the solid work that is going on over there. Yet another example of folks getting together, gaming together and supporting a worthy cause. This is the kindof stuff that makes our little nerdcore hearts flutter. We’ll be sending a few copies of ‘The Healing Blade’ their […]

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On social enterprise

January 30, 2010/4/0/

The inspiration for NCL came from a series of lectures I heard in the car while dropping off my brother-in-law, Zab, at the airport. He had downloaded some lectures from itunes U – the Standford Social Enterprise Series, I believe – and we were listening to them. We were basically mesmerized by the premise of […]

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NCL Profile: Hon Wen Chong

January 22, 2010/0/0/

Hon is our multi-talented med student that contacted us via the folks at HOPEresearch, interested in helping to continue the gaming research protocols initiated during the first HOPE trials. It was during a one week retreat on the north shore of Hawaii that he envisioned and coded the NCL iPhone app. It was during a […]

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CLC 2009 – The Transformative Power of Play

May 24, 2009/0/0/

So I’m heading back from CLC 2009. The talk went well and I can largely thank my two fellow presenters for really delivering. We literally were up until midnight the night before tweaking both our talk and the game demos that Cy and Hon had built. All good things are tweaked at the last minute. […]

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Boston CLC!

May 22, 2009/3/0/

Headed to Boston to participate in the CLC (Child Life Conference 2009). I’ll be presenting along with fellow conspirators Patrice B. and Cy K. on the state of grace regarding the HOPEConnects Research Initiative. Check out the HOPEConnects site for more details on our little charity that could. Proceeds from Nerdcore Learning go to benefit […]

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