About Us

So what is this nerdcore medical thing that you speak of? We’re a publishing start-up devoted to developing unique study-aids for medical students.

We also happen to be super gaming and fantasy geeks, so you maaay see the occasional reference to nerd culture peppered here and there. In a nutshell, going through med school it became apparent to me just how many of our friends shared our passion for medicine as well as geek culture.

But most of all, we are passionate about education. Or perhaps, more specifically, how people learn. So with the help of our friend and game-designer Brandon Patton (who also happens to be bass player for the Godfather of Nerdcore HipHip, MC Frontalot) we’ve devoted our time to adding game layers to various pieces of medical education. Disruptive? Naah – we just want to make things that we ourselves would love to have – but if by playing games or collecting cool designs you might become a better doc? Winner winner, chicken dinner!

– Arun Mathews, founder

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