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Healing Blade 2.0

July 25, 2011/2/0/

It gives me great pleasure to announce to you that we are nearing completion of the next phase of The Healing Blade infectious disease card battle game. We’ve teamed up with the folks at Wulven Game Studios, makers of the insanely popular ‘Shadow Era’ card game. The genius gamesmiths over at Wulven, lead by Studio […]

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Annnnd, We’re Back!

October 14, 2010/0/0/

Our apologies for not having manned the blog-cannon for the past few weeks! We’ve literally been NTTGS (noses to the grind-stone) prepping and actually launching the Healing Blade v1.1. Art updates, bug squashes, game revisions, the whole nine. We found ourselves at the always epic Health2.0 conference in downtown San Francisco, where we made the […]

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The World Needs Heroes

June 10, 2010/12/0/

The real-time strategy game, World of Warcraft III (not to be confused with the MMORPG WoW) – same company, different game, introduced the world to the concept of the Hero Unit.  Essentially these where characters in the game that you controlled like regular units, but would have special powers and typically be more effective on […]

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On Sexuality and the Healing Blade

June 5, 2010/4/0/

A few days ago, we woke up to the sound of concern.  It seemed to be permeating from our comments board.  In particular, this one: You folks are businessfolks, right? You’re interested in selling as much stuff as possible, right? I read about Healingblade in The Scientist, immediately thought of how much fun it would […]

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CCGamers Games for Troops Drive

May 7, 2010/0/0/

Dan Alpers, over at CCGamers, brought to our attention the solid work that is going on over there. Yet another example of folks getting together, gaming together and supporting a worthy cause. This is the kindof stuff that makes our little nerdcore hearts flutter. We’ll be sending a few copies of ‘The Healing Blade’ their […]

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AMSA 2010 Here We Come!

March 3, 2010/1/0/

We’re closing in on the final designs for the AMSA 2010 booth, and we wanted to share with you how our little piece of the AMSAverse is shaping up. Be sure to come and visit us (Booth #1) for a chance to get signed copies of the ‘Healing Blade’ game! Also – in random news, […]

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The Healing Blade

June 20, 2009/1/0/

For those of you who met us at the last AMSA conference in DC, you might have heard bits and pieces of a medical card game rumor. Well, let it be known that the rumor is indeed true. We here at Nerdcore Learning are developing the first microbiology-based strategy card game. Yes, if you can […]

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