AMSA 2010 Here We Come!

March 3, 2010/1/0
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We’re closing in on the final designs for the AMSA 2010 booth, and we wanted to share with you how our little piece of the AMSAverse is shaping up. Be sure to come and visit us (Booth #1) for a chance to get signed copies of the ‘Healing Blade’ game!

Also – in random news, I’m pleased to report that the NCL Clinical Mnemonics app (see the banner ad above) was downloaded over 700 times yesterday! We can’t thank you enough for giving it a look, and sincerely hope it is as useful as we find it to be. As for updates – yes, look for an EPIC update of the app with sharing features and, ultimately, compatibility with something top secret that rhymes with iMad. 😀Display03