AMSA 2010 – Day One

March 12, 2010/3/0
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photoWell, Hon, Francis and I fistbumped our way to Anaheim to meetup with the ever awesome folks at AMSA. Day one was surprisingly epic, as we got to play the Healing Blade game with more than a few interested pre-med and med-students. We were pleasantly surprised with how much fun people were having with the game, despite the fact that it was not the usual microbiology / therapeutics fare. Shoutouts to Abigail, Matt, Zach, Todd, and the rest of folks that took time to come down and hang with us. Also, Francis will be doing ‘challenge rounds’ with prizes and giveaways that we’ll be taking for this years answer to the ‘Fistbump Montage’. Increase the Peeeece!