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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

March 12, 2013/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA), the youngest group of S. aureus dragons, has learned to evade methicillin’s backup, vancomycin. The first VRSA army assembled in 2002, when a MRSA liege and a band of Enterococcus faecalis crossed paths in a nearby land. By way of an autonomous messenger, some of the E. […]

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Apothecary Profile — Ceftazidime

March 5, 2013/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Ceftazidime is massive warrior in the Cephalosporin branch of the Apothecary Army. He is a third-generation Ceph, but is distinct from his cousins in his efficient take downs of Pseudomonas armies. He has a single piece of armor that he wears on his left shoulder, like a pad with conical spikes […]

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Apothecary Profile — Penicillin

February 26, 2013/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Penicillin is the founding father of the Apothecary Army. Before he began to battle the Lords of Pestilence, Soma’s only line of defense was the Nodal Sentry, which often failed against the likes of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus creatures. Penicillin, a Beta Lactam warrior, became the first Apothecary to take on Pestilence […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Staphylococcus epidermidis

February 19, 2013/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Staphylococcus epidermidis are regular residents of Soma’s boundary wall. They are usually harmless creatures that live in small groups at peace with the locals. But when the Nodal Sentry is compromised due to the relentless attacks of the Pestilence armies, S. epidermidis can show its vicious side. And if they find […]

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Apothecary Profile — Azithromycin

February 12, 2013/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Azithromycin, son of the great Erythromycin, is one of the most commonly called-upon Apothecaries. Like his mother, he inhibits the ability of the Pestilence armies to generate the basic structures of life, killing them from the inside out. Because of their similar attack styles, the two are effective against a similar […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Streptococcus pyogenes

February 5, 2013/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Streptococcus pyogenes are some of the greatest Pestilence threats to Soma’s existence. Though they are still no match for the classic warrior Penicillin, if their invasions are not caught early enough, S. pyogenes can quickly multiply their armies and unleash unparalleled devastation across the island. The skeletal Lords can infest the […]

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Healing Blade released for iPad

February 4, 2013/0/0/

HEALING BLADE is released on iPAD. Programmed by Wulven Studios, the makers of Shadow Era, the game of infectious disease card battle is available through apple for only $3.99. If you buy it, please give us a review! One of the great things about this version compared to the physical product with actual cards is […]

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Cell Command

January 30, 2013/0/0/

Just learned about an educational science game called Cell Command. You start out clicking on codons to make amino acids, then you’re in a mitochondrion adding P to ADP, and pretty soon you’re helping the cell be selective about what it allows through its membranes. Neat learning tool for kids, and well produced: Cell-Command Demo

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Vibrio cholerae

January 29, 2013/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Vibrio cholerae are poisonous Lords that excrete a potentially lethal toxin into Soma’s aqueduct, causing massive and frequent surges down the waterway. There are several types of V. cholerae that can induce such turbulence to Soma. They enter Buccal Bay free living in the water, as well as on the ships […]

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Games for Science

January 24, 2013/0/0/

Great article from The Scientist magazine about science and gaming. Games for Science