Apothecary Profile — Clindamycin

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

The fire-throwing Clindamycin is an intimidating Apothecary with the power to devastate a number of Pestilence armies, particularly those that thrive in low-oxygen environments. His help comes at a cost, however—he clears the way for the inherently resistant Clostridium difficile, which flourish in the aftermath of Clindamycin battles, disrupting the flow of the aqueduct and threatening to run the island dry. Clindamycin is also known to be a bit careless with his fiery weapons, which, unleashed in the wrong environment, can cause direct damage around Soma, including occasionally setting fire to the Twin Heart Cities.

Despite these risks, however, Clindamycin is a powerful member of the Apothecary army, and is often called into action for invasions of the Respiro Forest, the Skeletal Mountains, the rock perimeter of Buccal Bay, and the boundary wall. He can step in when Penicillin is not tolerated by the local communities, and has been known to defeat the mighty MRSA, though many MRSA armies are developing effective counterattacks to Clindamycin’s strike.

He usually enters the land through Buccal Bay, though he can head directly to the embattled areas of the boundary wall or dive directly into the world’s river and stream system. He attacks the Lords by inhibiting their ability to brew their poisons. In cases of the widespread panic of toxic shock, Clindamycin is often teamed up with Vancomycin, which targets the Pestilence agents’ external armor—a lethal combination for most Lord armies. Clindamycin can also affect the integrity of Pestilence armor, rendering the agents susceptible to the Nodal Sentry.