Apothecary Profile — Ceftazidime

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Ceftazidime is massive warrior in the Cephalosporin branch of the Apothecary Army. He is a third-generation Ceph, but is distinct from his cousins in his efficient take downs of Pseudomonas armies. He has a single piece of armor that he wears on his left shoulder, like a pad with conical spikes splayed towards the sky. This protects him against the onslaught of β-lactamase toxins thrown at him by many Unstained Pestilence species. But, he is also less effective against many Stained Lords than his generational brethren. As a result, the Royal Strategists usually reserve Ceftazidime for Pseudomonas aeruginosa attacks and other more serious infestations.

Life all Cephalosporins, Ceftazidime defeats Pestilence armies by preventing their ability to grow and repair their armor. Specifically, this family of Apothecaries inhibits the armor’s linkage, causing it to fall apart and rendering the Lords susceptible to attacks by Apothecaries and Nodal Sentry warriors alike.

Ceftazidime enters Soma either through the waterways directly, or in the countryside, where he then makes his way to the streams and rivers. From there, he travels efficiently to the site of infection, and begins to tear through the violence. He is commonly sent in to battle all around Soma, including along the boundary wall, in the Skeletal Mountains, in the Respiro Forest, and along the channel to the Southern Exit. Without Ceftazidime, the Apothecaries would be a notably weaker army.