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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Penicillin is the founding father of the Apothecary Army. Before he began to battle the Lords of Pestilence, Soma’s only line of defense was the Nodal Sentry, which often failed against the likes of Staphylococcus and Streptococcus creatures. Penicillin, a Beta Lactam warrior, became the first Apothecary to take on Pestilence invasions, and continues to be a valuable member of the Army to this day. He has also spawned many of the younger Apothecaries. Needless to say, the Apothecary Army would not be what it is today without him, and Soma would not be the thriving ecosystem that it has grown into.

Penicillin was born on the fungal-dominated island of Penicillium, where it sprang to life in the midst of a terrible drought. He was recruited to help defend Soma by one of the original Apothecary scout, Alexander Fleming, who immediately recognized his fighting potential. Like all Beta Lactam Apothecaries, Penicillin kills susceptible Pestilence by destabilizing their armor, preventing the proper linkages between the plates that normally protect the Lords from destruction. Without intact armor, the Pestilence armies literally fall apart. Penicillin is particular effective at penetrating to the deeper layers of Pestilence armor, rendering the creatures weak and vulnerable.

Like many other Apothecaries, Penicillin’s battles can take a toll on the land, often disrupting the flow of the aqueduct and occasionally affecting the critical on-goings of Sententia. But such ailments are often a small price to pay for the elimination of the Lords that threaten Soma, and Penicillin remains a respected leader of the Apothecary Army.