Apothecary Profile — Azithromycin

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Azithromycin, son of the great Erythromycin, is one of the most commonly called-upon Apothecaries. Like his mother, he inhibits the ability of the Pestilence armies to generate the basic structures of life, killing them from the inside out. Because of their similar attack styles, the two are effective against a similar range of Lords, though Azithromycin has a slightly better track record against those of the Gram Negative Legion, particularly Haemophilus influenzae. Furthermore, unlike his mother, Azithromycin is not susceptible to the acidic waters just above the Southern Dam, and can thus enter the aqueduct unprotected, simplifying his journey to the site of battle.

Azithromycin is capable of launching an effective counterattack against a wide range of Lord species, including those that invade the aqueduct entrance at the back of Buccal Bay, the Occulos, and the Respiro Forest. He usually enters through Buccal Bay and is often transported to the site of infection by the Nodal Sentry. He is even sometimes sent in preemptively, when the Nodal Sentry is compromised in some way and the risk of a Pestilence attack is high.

Like most Apothecaries, however, Azithromycin’s protection comes at a cost. His presence can disrupt the flow of the aqueduct, causing it to discharge too quickly or even reverse directions. Furthermore, he has been known to put the Twin Heart Cities at risk, particularly if they are already impaired.