THB: Staph Aureus Takes Shape

August 19, 2009/0/0
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Sometimes a picture is very much worth a thousand blog posts. I am pleased to report that we are now working with a team of artists that are dedicated to breathing life into our creature concepts via nothing short of spectacular artwork. Ladies and germs (sic) – the journey has begun.

In parallel to the beastiary development lies the task of creating a compelling universe for these creatures to reside in. Furthermore, we are also looking at the process of developing inter-relationships between the Apothecary mage families that closely tie to the familial structures of the spells or antibiotics they wield.

And LASTLY, we are working on a overarching story that narrates the epic struggle between the forces of Pestilence and the Apothecaries. Perhaps most intriguing of all is the role that the player takes within this story, traveling through both worlds prior to being able to claim mastery of the art. Dude, this is about the most exhilarating project we’ve ever worked on!