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On Artistic License (or lack thereof)

June 2, 2010/2/0/

On the very same day that the AMA story about The Healing Blade hit, a second less than flattering story was also making its way around the intertubes – one that went a little bit like this: Dan Barrett, or @dangerawesome on twitter, brought it to our attention. A new gaming product ‘Healing Blade’ has a […]

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Healing Blade Print Ad 1

December 15, 2009/0/0/

We just wanted to share with you some of the awesome print ads done up by the folks at Light Image Studios.  We were really trying to capture a strong D&D feel, and think that Kenan and company really nailed it.  Thanks fellas!  Stay tuned for more Healing Blade news, as well as our super […]

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The Hospitalist Manual – Seen in the Wild!

November 25, 2009/1/0/

Yes yes, the gods of publishing finally smiled upon the little project that was The Hospitalist Manual. A month ago, it went ‘Gold’, with the final files sent to the printers and first run copies making their way to us shortly thereafter. While it was certainly exciting cracking open the binding of our first published […]

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THB: Staph Aureus Takes Shape

August 19, 2009/0/0/

Sometimes a picture is very much worth a thousand blog posts. I am pleased to report that we are now working with a team of artists that are dedicated to breathing life into our creature concepts via nothing short of spectacular artwork. Ladies and germs (sic) – the journey has begun. In parallel to the […]

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