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Nerdcore in the News (again!)

January 15, 2011/0/0/

Not to be outdone, our very own Francis Kong recently took part and helped lead his team to a victory at Healthgames Camp 2010.  In the words of the sponsor, prestigious design firm, Frog Design: HealthGamesCamp brings together multi-disciplinary teams for collaborative learning and co-creation. The entire event is structured as a multi-level game out […]

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The NCL Cholera Innovation Hackathon

November 19, 2010/0/0/

Y’know cholera has been getting a lot of press lately. And for good reason. There are fewer illnesses that can spread as rapidly and decimate entire populations like cholera can. The real tragedy lies in the fact that the treatment is really tied to early and adequate rehydration. You are literally trying to keep up […]

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A Big Thank You!

September 19, 2010/0/0/

Our apologies for the late follow-up!  Between prepping for the Healing Blade relaunch, an office move and a house move, let’s just say things have been ‘involved’.  Regardless, we just wanted to take a moment and extend a hearty thank you to all of those that participated in our ‘Rehydration Comments’ discussion (see below).  In […]

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SXSW Panel 2011!

August 12, 2010/0/0/

Greetings Apothecaries & Lords of Pestilence! Healing Blade 1.1 is confirmed for its September launch. We’ll be announcing it to everyone on the NerdcoreLearning and Healing Blade Facebook Groups so that you all get first dibs on it before anyone else! We also need your help in a very important event. The Healing Blade has been […]

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A Nerdcore Look at the Amen Break

May 26, 2009/2/0/

Y’know being a Nerdcore Learner not only means that you are passionate about medicine. It defines a mutual appreciation for people that are similarly passionate about their own fields, whether it be in the arts or sciences. In my experience, the very best physicians were inevitably awesome at not only their chosen field but one […]

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