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A Nerdcore Look at the Amen Break

May 26, 2009/2/0/

Y’know being a Nerdcore Learner not only means that you are passionate about medicine. It defines a mutual appreciation for people that are similarly passionate about their own fields, whether it be in the arts or sciences. In my experience, the very best physicians were inevitably awesome at not only their chosen field but one […]

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Data Visualization and Shattering Eighties Era Presuppositions

May 26, 2009/0/0/

So I’m a big fan of gaming – which some might argue is just entertainment-based data visualization. While doing a research fellowship at Hopkins, I got to interact with Matt Kim, an endocrinologist who did some awesome data visualization work with thyroid nodules. Trundling through the interwebs, I came across Hans Rosling’s talk on applying […]

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