Data Visualization and Shattering Eighties Era Presuppositions

May 26, 2009/0/0
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So I’m a big fan of gaming – which some might argue is just entertainment-based data visualization. While doing a research fellowship at Hopkins, I got to interact with Matt Kim, an endocrinologist who did some awesome data visualization work with thyroid nodules. Trundling through the interwebs, I came across Hans Rosling’s talk on applying data viz concepts to epidemiology. Stick with it to see how many of our preconceived notions about disease in ‘developing nations’ is in fact a load of whooey. That’s a clinical term. Not. Read on to check out some other interesting examples of data visualization.

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No, this isn’t America under attack by swine flu. It’s a visualization of call activity all over the world during Obama’s inauguration from MIT’s senseable city lab.

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Next Up: Hospital Track Tech from Versus Technologies:

In my hospital we use a system called Pro-Med, which, to be quite honest, hasn’t impressed me in terms of user-interface design. Ultimately, whether a system such as this ever makes it out to the real world is probably going to be tied to a combination of competitive price point reduction and solid supporting data regarding clinical outcomes. Fingers crossed, though!

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And lastly, who doesn’t dig a little Radiohead every once in a while? Effortlessly described by a friend as a the world of 3d lasers with alt rock. I would counter with the fact that Radiohead’s popularity suggests that they don’t really deserve the ‘alt’ tag, 3d lasers or not. Sorry.