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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Borrelia burgdorferi

November 18, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Borrelia burgdorferi are a diverse class of Lords. They are the most common pestilence agents to travel by air, arriving in arachnid-like creatures that land on Soma’s boundary wall. The vessels then gnaw through the land to the nearest stream or tributary and start to suck in the water, creating an […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Fusobacterium necrophorum

November 11, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Some suspect that Fusobacterium necrophorum can live unnoticed among the friendly Lords of Buccal Bay, but they are rarely seen unless they are wreaking havoc on Soma, so it’s hard to say with certainty. It’s more likely that as other pestilence agents enter the area, F. necrophorum take the opportunity to […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Bartonella henselae

November 4, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Bartonella henselae are massive beasts that prey upon Soma’s inhabitants. Resembling other-worldly lions, the creatures scratch their way into the land through the boundary wall, then meander across the land, terrorizing Soma’s innocent as they go. They launch themselves at their prey, sinking their claws in and clamping down their teeth. […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Bacillus cereus

October 28, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Bacillus cereus are hardy reproducers. They lay spores that can survive temperatures of up to 100 degrees Celsius—the boiling point of water—in the hot swamps surrounding the banks of the aqueduct through the Southern Dam region. Once the marshy water drops below 50 degrees, the spores begin to germinate. They emerge […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Clostridium perfringens

October 21, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Clostridium perfringens are common residents of the waste aqueduct, where they often keep to themselves. But they aren’t always so peaceful. They can rear a nastier side when provoked, disrupting the aqueduct ecosystem, causing significant unrest among its inhabitants, and even escalating their attacks to kill. The smell of decaying flesh […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Coxiella burnetii

July 29, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Coxiella burnetii are evil creatures, which revel in torturing all manner of Soma inhabitants. They are some of the most invasive of all the Pestilence agents that threatens Soma’s wellbeing, with only a few individuals capable of entering through the Respiro Forest and subsequently multiplying and spreading throughout the land. They […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Yersinia pestis

May 6, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Yersinia pestis are one of the most ancient scourges to haunt the globe, and have been responsible for the deaths of countless other worlds in the deep past, starting even before the Apothecary Healers began offering protection to Soma and other lands. In fact, these Pestilence agents were only discovered centuries […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Haemophilus influenzae

April 22, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Haemophilus influenzae are some of Soma’s most ancient demons, first described over 100 years ago. But despite a century of experience fighting these foes and research on their destructive habits—including the detailing of their entire genome—their attacks are still poorly understood, and they still pose a significant threat to the life […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Streptococcus pneumoniae

April 8, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Don’t let the name fool you. Streptococcus pneumoniae attack more than just the Respiro Forest. These villains can wreak havoc on a wide range of systems in Soma, including the land surrounding Buccal Bay, the Aural Canals, and even Sententia. They are similar to those of other cocco-demons by their sensitive […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Francisella tularensis

March 11, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Francisella tularensis are nasty Lords that have terrorized Soma for nearly a century. Known as rabbit demons, they can tear apart the boundary wall as well wreak havoc on the interior towns and cities. The damage they cause depends on which of the four F. tularensis armies are attacking, and where […]

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