Lord of Pestilence Profile — Fusobacterium necrophorum

November 11, 2012/0/0
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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Some suspect that Fusobacterium necrophorum can live unnoticed among the friendly Lords of Buccal Bay, but they are rarely seen unless they are wreaking havoc on Soma, so it’s hard to say with certainty. It’s more likely that as other pestilence agents enter the area, F. necrophorum take the opportunity to invade undetected among the chaos. But whether they are new trespassers or aggravated inhabitants doesn’t much matter. Once they emerge from their cave homes, they are unwelcome guests of both the Bay the entrance to the aqueduct, where they slash large wounds along the water’s edge.

Such brutal invasions are relatively rare, however, and the Apothecary Army isn’t always quick to react. F. necrophorum are so uncommon that they are often forgotten about; their name is not always found in key historical reference guides that inform the Apothecary strategists in designing their counterattacks. And if not quickly controlled, these creatures will begin to creep towards The Nodal Sentry Barracks and infiltrate the transportation system used by the land’s army. F. necrophorum also find their way to the natural waterways, causing unrest and pain to the far reaches of Soma. If Soma is to survive this ongoing war with the Lords of Pestilence, it had better not forget F. necrophorum.