Apothecary Profile — Tetracycline

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Tetracycline is one of the Apothecary Army’s great heroines. She saved Soma on many occasions from Vibrio cholerae, back when that particular Pestilence army was one of the biggest threats. With her four circular blades sheathed in toxins, she slices through Soma’s enemies and prevents them from producing the essential compounds of life. When she first joined the Army, she could wipe out nearly all threatening Pestilence armies. But over time, many Pestilence agents learned to shield themselves from Tetracycline’s attacks. By cinching and reinforcing their armor, her rings skip off their backs.

She is still effective against many Pestilence agents of both Positive and Negative Gram Legions, however. She is most often called into action in the face of threats like Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, and Rickettsia, and is occasionally sent in to fight other Lords, including the dreaded Bacillus antrhacis.

Importantly, her strategy is a safe one for Soma, who inhabitants are naturally resistant to her poison. Because she is so gentle, she is a common patroller of the island’s boundary, fighting off the pesky Pestilence agents that never make it beyond the Wall, but irritate and infect nonetheless. Tetracycline also does scouting missions for the Apothecary strategists. She can quickly find her way to the Skeletal Mountains, and return intel on the ongoing expansion, which can yield insight regarding the disease threats on Soma.