Apothecary Profile — Levofloxacin

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Levofloxacin is a crafty Apothecary, with the power to take down Pestilence armies infesting the Respiro Forest, the aqueduct, the areas surrounding the Southern Dam, as well as the Southern Outlet from the Boundary Wall. He can also be sent in with other Apothecaries to defeat the most serious infestations.

Levofloxacin is known for his ability to quickly reach the site of battle. He can enter Soma either through the river system or through Buccal Bay, and from either place, he can locate the enemy far faster than most of his Apothecary brethren.

Levofloxacin is generally a gentle warrior, but he has a temper. On rare occasions, he can destroy the trails and bridges running through the Skeletal Mountains and, worse, slice the power lines that run through the valleys, disrupting the coordination of activities throughout the region. Though the chances of such destruction are low, the consequences are severe, and Levofloxacin has thus been the subject of much controversy and discussion.

Another challenge facing the Apothecary strategists at the moment is the rise of Pestilence agents that can resist Levofloxacin’s attack. The devious warrior isolates a critical part of the Pestilence DNA, preventing the reproduction and growth of their armies. It is a swift and effective assault, but the strategists fear they have taken advantage of his skill too frequently for too long, when the Nodal Sentry may have been able to take care of on their own, or a more targeted Apothecary that carries fewer risks could have handled. This has led to the terrifying existence of Lords that can evade Levofloxacin’s deadly charge.