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Apologies for our Quietness (Ninja Training will do that)

May 27, 2010/0/0/

It’s been a roller-coaster few weeks here at NCL. Between inquires from the media, bug squashing with the game, organizing the next print run and dealing with art issues (see an upcoming post) it has been a veritable grab-bag of Vulcans experiencing Pon-Farr.  Still, these, we believe, are good problems to have.  We also realize that really […]

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Oh the candy coated goodness of the interwebs . . .

April 28, 2010/2/0/

Well, ever since this particular story dropped, and subsequently made it to twitter, reddit and boing-boing, our little corner of the meta-verse has been hopping of late. The outpouring of support, interest and general awesomesauce has been nothing other than awe-inspiring. A very Nerdcore thank you to you fellow gamers out there! Getting right down […]

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Calendar Update

May 24, 2009/0/0/

We’ve entirely revised and revamped the 2010 calendar and are super excited to have our design guru, Rich, grace it with one of his outstanding designs for the upcoming year. I appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten thus far from the student community and are striving to continually improve the product. Also, be sure to let […]

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