Lord of Pestilence Profile — Vibrio cholerae

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Vibrio cholerae are poisonous Lords that excrete a potentially lethal toxin into Soma’s aqueduct, causing massive and frequent surges down the waterway. There are several types of V. cholerae that can induce such turbulence to Soma. They enter Buccal Bay free living in the water, as well as on the ships of Soma’s fishermen. They settle in the lower aqueduct, where they burrow into the banks. They build their armies and spread the recipe for the ill-inducing toxin with the help of an autonomous shuttle.

Finally, when they sense that enough individuals are ready to produce a sufficient amount of the toxin to launch an effective strike on Soma, they release their poison, causing the aqueduct walls to swell and sending floods of water out Faecal Inlet and occasionally back up through Buccal Bay. The sudden outflow of water can leave the land dehydrated and weak and the people dying of thirst. After they’ve unleashed their poisonous assault, V. cholerae re-enter the aqueduct current and move on to their next victim.

As the world continues to warm, this heat-loving Pestilence creatures attack more commonly and with more power. They are evolving to be even more vicious, causing more severe damage across the island and threatening to destroy it altogether. To counter this threat, the Apothecary army must act swiftly when V. cholerae strike, replenishing the island’s waterways and expediting the delivery of key nutrients to villages around the land.