Lord of Pestilence Profile — Legionella pneumophila

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Legionella pneumophila are potentially fatal Lords who are quick to take advantage of Soma’s lush resources. They live and multiply within the protection of giant jellyfish-like creatures that live in the water surrounding Soma, and search for similar habitats upon entry to Soma. They allow themselves to be taken up by the bog traps set by the Nodal Sentry, where they flourish, basking in the protection of the hollow pockets found near the bogs’ centers. They trigger the decomposition of local inhabitants to supply the nutrients they need for survival, and funnel those nutrients into their temporary bog homes. They hunker down as they grow their armies, sending out more than 200 scouts and soldiers to foil efforts of the surrounding community to destroy the mother colony.

L. pneumophila typically enter Soma aerially through the Respiro Forest. They descend like spiders, then quickly scamper towards the closest bog. Their presence can be relatively benign, causing few, if any, disturbances beyond the very immediate environment. But there are plenty of more brutal L. pneumophila strains, which bring terror to all corners of Soma. Severe temperature swings sweep the land, and the Respiro Forest reacts violently. General lethargy overcomes Soma’s pace of life, often with fewer fish coming in through Buccal Bay to fuel the island’s activities. L. pneumophila armies can also affect the function of Sententia and disrupt the comfortingly regular beat of the Twin Cities. If the Apothecaries do not act swiftly, L. pneumophila can kill.