Apothecary Profile — Gentamicin

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Gentamicin is an old timer of the Apothecary Army. Like many of his fellow Apothecaries, he strikes down Pestilence armies by inhibiting the beasts’ abilities to produce the very building blocks of life. He is impervious to even extreme heat, and is effective against a wide range of Lords, mostly of the Gram Negative Legion. However, Gentamicin is not the gentlest Apothecary to fight for Soma, and his presence can often have devastating effects on the land.

Just as he inhibits the ability of Pestilence agents to generate critical compounds of life, Gentamicin can also have the same effect on the workers of Soma’s main filtration centers. Killing these vital contributors to Soma’s overall wellbeing in turn leads to the failure of the filtration systems and the release of toxins throughout the land. Furthermore, Gentamicin is known to disturb the harmony of a key communication post, Cochlea Center, cutting off contact between Soma and the surrounding islands, as well as the Apothecary strategists. What’s more, Gentamicin’s careless wrath can spread to the nearby Vestibular Labyrinths, where the buoyancy of the floating island is carefully regulated. Damage to this region can result in the overall instability of the land, throwing the island itself and all of its inhabitants off kilter.

Balance can be restored after Gentamicin departs, but some of the damage, including that to Cochlea Center, are permanent. As a result, the Apothecary strategists have often been reluctant to send Gentamicin into battle, though some worry that the alternative—the use of more broad-spectrum Apothecaries—has led to the rising resistance problems that Soma now faces.