Apothecary Profile — Chloramphenicol

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Chloramphenicol may be an old man, but as one of the first Apothecaries to regularly defend Soma, his experience is invaluable. While younger, stronger Apothecaries may be sent into battle first, Chloramphenicol is still called to action when their efforts fail. He is effective against a wide range of Pestilence agents, and can travel quickly to all corners of the land. He is particularly efficient at penetrating the walls surrounding Sententia to rescue the citizens of Soma’s central command city.

But while Chloramphenicol can be a critical component of the Apothecary counterattacks, he is often used sparingly because of his insensitivity towards Soma’s inhabitants. In particular, the old curmudgeon can impair the barracks of the Skeletal Mountains that produce Soma’s Noble Sentry and feed the land’s waterways. This leaves Soma more vulnerable to infections by other Pestilence Lords. Thus, while he may effectively eliminate one attacker, he simultaneously invites in others.

Nevertheless, Chloramphenicol is called upon when other Apothecaries prove ineffective or end up doing more harm than good. He also is considered a hero in other lands that do not have access to the full Apothecary army. He can enter through the river system or through Buccal Bay, and is occasionally sent directly to the Occulos for infections that threaten Soma’s main observatory. At the site of attack, he inhibits the Lords’ capacity to generate new proteins, crippling their ability to grow and multiply their troops. In short, though he is not loved by all, Chloramphenicol will forever be a valiant protector of Soma.