Apothecary Profile — Ampicillin

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Description (Healing Blade Lore)

Ampicillin is one of the top seductresses of the Apothecary Army. She uses the old trick in the book of striking her enemies’ with disarming beauty, before cutting them at their knees. In fact, as only the second Apothecary to effectively take down Stained Legion Pestilence armies—and the first broad-spectrum member of the Penicillin family—Ampicillin may have invented the technique. Daughter of the great Amoxicillin, most say she is fiercer than her father ever was. She has also proven herself more agile than the original Penicillin, with aerodynamic armor that allows her to efficiently penetrate to the heart of battle.

Like the rest of her family, she kills Pestilence agents by blocking their ability to grow and regenerate their armor, and is effective against infections in the channel to the Southern Exit. She is also used to take down the likes of Haemophilus influenzae, Salmonella, and Listeria, though her charms have grown old on many Lords, who have learned to resist her seduction. Pseudomonas, Klebsiella, and Aerobacter are often able to survive Ampicillin’s attacks. She is now often paired with other Apothecaries, in hopes that the combination of strikes will be sufficient to take down the Lords they are sent in to defeat.

On rare occasions, Ampicillin’s alluring wiles can occasionally confuse the Nodal Sentry, causing severely damaging attacks on Soma’s own residents, which the Sentry has sworn to protect. Usually, though, she is a peaceful warrior, and she is as critical to the Apothecary army as any warrior ever was.