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Mass Effect’s Dr. Mordin Solus and Basic Medical Ethics

November 9, 2011/2/0/

If you’ve read this blog, you’re probably aware of just how fan-boyish we are for Bioware and the MassEffect series of games. Glorious graphics? Check. Interesting game-play that seems to have evolved over the series based on fan feedback? Check. Awesome pop-synth score? Check. Characters with motivations, conflicts, and weaknesses that make you care for […]

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Moral Complexity in Gaming

April 14, 2010/1/0/

Zack Rovinsky touches upon an issue that we’ve previously written about, and uses current events to frame some of his points. An altogether fascinating read as it doesn’t merely tread down the now well-worn ‘video games are violent’ road, but instead opts to examine the dilemma of moral choices in the gameplay environment. Still games […]

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