Sign Language to Fight Swine Flu

October 23, 2009/0/0
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The Americans invested millions of dollars creating a pen that would write in outer space. The Russians used a pencil. Frenchman, Hubert Chalet, has a rather curious preventive measure for Swine Flu- Sign Language!

Chalet, 69, works for the humanitarian group L’Ecoute de la Rue, which broadly translates as “listening out on the streets”. He recommends substituting physical greetings with a language as imaginative and colorful as Sign Language. He even suggests that television news shows should demonstrate simple and commonly used greetings like ‘Hello’ and ‘Good Morning’ along with phrases like ‘Are You Sick?’.

It sounds like a good idea, considering it can reduce tactile exposure and potentially limit the spread of the virus.

On the other hand, learning sign language is justifiably not breezy. Chalet has a solution for that too. He suggests hiring hearing-impaired adults to teach the basics.

Is there merit in Hubert Chalet’s suggestions? Click on the link for an amazing little video on Sign Language greetings. Try it, it’s fun.

Here’s also a chart to get you started on the alphabets.