Bacillus anthracis – THB Pestilence profile

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This horrific basilisk is a dreaded foe. With the advantages of its amphibious lifestyle and a shielding protein carapace, B. anthracis is a formidable threat to Soma. It used to be completely vulnerable to the valiant Beta-Lactam Apothecaries, although nowadays there are increasing reports of resistance. And as is typical of many Lords in the Gram Positive legion, by the time help has arrived, it is often too late. Infestation results in blackening of the earth and the release of deadly spores that can remain dormant, like time bombs, for a considerable time.
Armed with fire, vicious fangs, and a venomous bite, B. anthracis has a lethal trio of attacks. Its weapons, nearly harmless on their own, enhance each other when used together. Without its fire, B. anthracis cannot get close enough to its prey to deliver its lethal strike. But once a field is reduced to ashes, it can attack the exposed and unprotected area, and feast on its victims until it’s had its full. With a single bite, B. anthracis can inflict tremendous swelling, which suffocates the surrounding flora and fauna, and if it is able to inject its poisonous sap, widespread death can occur within days.
Chemical-laden underground springs provide the soil and its embedded shrubbery and subterrestrial life with a protective bath against the venom, but the longer the battle rages, B. anthracis’s presence becomes harder to endure. And the rainy season can dilute the water’s potency, negating its ability to defend Soma against the awesome beast.