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Upward Mobility of MOBA Games

June 26, 2012/0/0/

The current craze in gaming is the MOBA game, short for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The MOBA plays like the original Warcraft games, especially since the first and most prominent MOBA came out of a Warcraft 3 mod. For those of you loving readers that are unfamiliar with Warcraft, I’m sure you’ve heard of Street […]


Apothecary Profile — Tigecycline

May 20, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Tigecycline is a younger Apothecary, giving her the advantage of unfamiliarity. She was only 13 years old when she was thrust into battle following many fruitless attempts of the more seasoned warriors to take down Pestilence agents like Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Acinetobacter baumannii had frustrated the Apothecary Army. Like […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Yersinia pestis

May 6, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Yersinia pestis are one of the most ancient scourges to haunt the globe, and have been responsible for the deaths of countless other worlds in the deep past, starting even before the Apothecary Healers began offering protection to Soma and other lands. In fact, these Pestilence agents were only discovered centuries […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Haemophilus influenzae

April 22, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Haemophilus influenzae are some of Soma’s most ancient demons, first described over 100 years ago. But despite a century of experience fighting these foes and research on their destructive habits—including the detailing of their entire genome—their attacks are still poorly understood, and they still pose a significant threat to the life […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Streptococcus pneumoniae

April 8, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Don’t let the name fool you. Streptococcus pneumoniae attack more than just the Respiro Forest. These villains can wreak havoc on a wide range of systems in Soma, including the land surrounding Buccal Bay, the Aural Canals, and even Sententia. They are similar to those of other cocco-demons by their sensitive […]

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Apothecary Profile — Metronidazole

March 25, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Metronidazole may be most well known for her swift action against the increasingly common attacks of C. difficile, but she is also widely effective against other Pestilence agents, particularly those that live without oxygen. She can be called into action for attacks on the boundary wall, the Skeleton Mountains, Respiro Forest, […]

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KINECTing with Your Physiology

March 16, 2012/0/0/

A few weeks ago, I gave into my desire of buying a Kinect for my Xbox 360 for the sole purpose of playing the game Fruit Ninja Kinect. Over my winter break, after a crazy semester of medical school, I had the wonderful chance to play the game on my cousin’s 360 console and immediately […]

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Lord of Pestilence Profile — Francisella tularensis

March 11, 2012/0/0/

Description (Healing Blade Lore) Francisella tularensis are nasty Lords that have terrorized Soma for nearly a century. Known as rabbit demons, they can tear apart the boundary wall as well wreak havoc on the interior towns and cities. The damage they cause depends on which of the four F. tularensis armies are attacking, and where […]

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You can leave Gaming, but you will always be a Gamer…

March 1, 2012/0/0/

I fondly remember a time in my life when computer games used to feature heavily in my day-to-day routine. If I wasn’t getting at least five hours a day in on Counterstrike or Unreal Tournament then I was probably either ill or on holiday. However, my last monster-kill streak has long since past and I […]

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Reaction Timing

February 28, 2012/0/0/

Newton’s third law is a scientific favorite: “To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction.”  This law is also the core of competitive gameplay. If I make a move, my opponent must respond in order to neutralize the value of my move. The victor is then the player that takes a step […]

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